Sunday, 30 June 2013

Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Part 1

Thursday 6th of June 
I began my pilgrimage to Rockness. I got the Megabus, oh yes luxury travel, from Kinross up to Aberdeen where I would spend the night at my sister's flat. Once in Aberdeen I met up with Sarah who I was going to Rockness with, and we went to get our supplies from trusty ASDA.
 About an hour later and £100 down we were stocked up; sandwich ingredients, crisps (our favourite thing), water, some extra bits and pieces, and the most vital component ALCOHOL just a little bit though (2 liters of Vodka, 1.5 liters of Gin, 2 bottles of Mickey Finns, 4 bottles of Caribbean Twist). Oh and some apples just to cancel out of the bad things!

Friday 7th of June  
Sarah and I were getting a coach from Aberdeen to Rockness which left at 10am, crazy early I know, and we arrived at our destination just after 1pm. I am not joking when I say our bags were heavy! I though my shoulders were about to fall off! The layout of the festival had changed since last year and the walk to the campsite was a trek and a half, but after several pit stops, a lot of complaining and "I can't do this!" we made it and set up the tent.
I haven't mentioned the weather! I know it's North Scotland I'm talking about but this weekend was a scorcher I mean HOT! Felt more like Spain that Scotland.
Having set up our tent and sat down for a drink (on our pink kids camping chairs) some guys we know from uni came to see us, which then resulted in them carrying our tent, fully made, across 2 campsites to their area.
In our new home we sat down with our new neighbors, knowing basically none of them, and drank, as you do. Everyone was so nice and we had a great time sipping on koppabergs and gins. Despite only being there for a few hours, the boys were all getting a bit pink from the sun, I was loving the it, basking and hoping for a good tan.
Friday night is not 100% memorable for good and bad, boozing played a role and the loss of both Saz's phone and purse was not too good!
We saw a bit of The Vaccines, enjoying the view from some strangers shoulders and later on Above and Beyond which was absolutely insane!.

Saturday 8th June
After a longish lie in (10am), the sun was beating down on the tent and it was getting unbearable, so we got up, changed and ready, went outside and slowly worked our way onto the alcohol again. By this stage we had gotten to know some of the guys we were camping next to which was good so we could chat and chill in the sun.
ULTIMATE BETRAYAL- this was the day, the one person I was so looking forward to seeing was playing, the legendary Steve Aoki. I wanted to be caked, his trademark. We had planned to go to the arena to see him, as we headed in loads of people were coming out saying how amazing he was. Turns out the act before Steve didn't go on so he went on early and we didn't know, I was more than annoyed that we weren't told.
However later on we watched Fat Boy Slim, he may be 'older' but god was he amazing! EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT the most memorable song from his set and the catchphrase of Rockness '13.Sarah and I were loving life near the front, jumping around having so much fun, the crowd got rowdy and before we knew it, the both of us were at the bottom of a pile of people. It was rather scary, the weight of at least 8 people on top of you, and it hurt, Sarah had immediate bruises to show it, but people were really good at helping us up and asking if we were ok, but as soon as we were up we were knocked down again. After the second squashing, holding hands we gallivanted out of the mob, laughing all the way. Once we were out we sat on the grass and just couldn't stop laughing, gin makes it all seem fine, we got out fine with a few, large bruises but that's all that matters.
Friday we also went on the iconic Ferris Wheel which gave us an amazing view across the Loch and the festival and seemed much higher up that it looked.
We then hiked back to the tent village to chat and drink late into the night.

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