Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm ba-aaack

So I have not be good at this blogging thing AT ALL!

I did nothing for ages this summer then I got a job and it took over my life! I got a bar job at a 'Golf & Leisure Resort' 10 minutes from my house. For the first few weeks I was working 6 days out of 7, with varying shifts. Work genuinely dictated when I could eat, sleep and even shower. It was crazy!

I'm down to just Friday, Saturday and Sundays as I'm back at uni now so it's not too bad anymore.

I'm in 3rd year at uni now, I actually have to work super hard, my grades now count towards my degree! AAAHHHHHH now that is a scary thought!

Well hopefully I can start blogging on a more regular basis, while keeping up with uni work and work at the weekend. But I'm a woman (well almost) and I can multitask so fingers crossed.


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