Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stress, Cocktails and Candy Canes

Hi everyone,

After a ridiculous amount of work, stress and comfort eating I have now officially finished uni for the year. First semester of third year complete. I am not going to pretend that it was easy, I really noticed the jump in the work from level 8 (second year) to level 9 this year. I have spend a sick amount of time in the 'Kilby' my universities 24 hour computing center. One day I went in at 3pm and didn't leave until 10am the next morning, yep I spent 19 hours dying over a report that I had already started before this point. Let's just say that spending that long at uni makes you go a bit weird, well more than usual.
I have an OCD when it come to revision notes... 

I had 2 exams, one on the 13th and one on the 16th, they weren't awful but they weren't the best. But as my mummy would say 'what's done is done' I can't change the outcome now so there is no point worrying about them now.
After the exam at 9.30am on Monday, there was only thing the girls and I wanted to do and that was go for a tasty lunch and cocktails. We are students and don't have endless amounts of money but it was time to treat ourselves.
We decided to go to Candy Bar on George Street. It is one of my favourite places for a bite to eat in Edinburgh.  It's very reasonably priced for it's location and the food is delicious. We all settled on big fully loaded burgers (£5-7), Shona and Sarah had double cheese and bacon, and I had the Mexican, which was full of cheese, guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos. YUM. Being naughty little girls we also shared 3 sides; onion rings, chicken flat bread and mozzarella sticks, all which were really nice.

Tasty treats for the girlies 

Since it was a celebrations and the start of our Christmas we had to have cocktails, after all Candy Bar is all about the cocktails with an extensive drinks list to choose from. First we all had Candy Cane Swizzles, I can't remember what was in them, but they were delicious and had a candy cane in them to make them festive. Round 2, Shona had a classic raspberry mojito, Sarah had a 'call me maybe' which came in a huge goblet and tasted delicious and I had a 'Pop Ya Collar' which tasted just like bubblegum, so amazing. Cocktails are all around the £7-8 mark, not an everyday activity but it was a party after all.

Later on that day, Sarah and I continued with the pamper theme of the day and got our nails done at my usual spot, 'Total Nails' near Haymarket Station, not to expensive and the Taiwanese lady who runs it is so nice. We both opted for my favourite, gel nails extensions and glitter tips. (see instagram for picture) I love having nice nails, just makes me feel more girly and make my hands look a bit nicer. I also like going to this salon as it offers a 20% student discount, so my glitter set is £28 instead of £35, which is quite a saving, glitter is more expensive than just a colour, but I just love glitter and sparkle.

We then went and met some of our friends from uni at the Standing Order back on George Street for some chill time and chat before everyone head homes for Christmas.

I had a great day and finished it off my watching my first Christmas film of the year, The Grinch, all snuggled up in my bed with my twinkly fairy lights on. Perfect end to a great day.

Yay, holiday time. 
Lots of love, Sophie. X

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