Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Oh Baby...

Hi Lovely People, 

This is my, well 'review' I guess of Maybelline Baby Skin primer.  I bought this product on an unplanned trip to Boots when I returned to Edinburgh for New Year. I hadn't heard about it before, but it was a featured product on the Maybelline stand, I thought that since their Baby Lips are so good I had to try this product. I mean who wouldn't want baby skin!? 

Modeled by Hawaiian Hello Kitty  

The product  reminds me slightly of Vaseline. Don't let that put you off, I just mean due to the soft texture and the fact that this primer is clear. You don't need a lot, a small amount goes a long way. The first time I used it I loved it, it is so soft on your skin and easy to apply and I believe that it does what it says on the tin, well tube. As soon as it was applied I could see the look of my pores being reduced, creating a smooth base for my foundation. 

Boots, £7.99
I have seen now that this primer has been advertised and it is becoming more well known. Currently at Boots it is 'buy one get one half price' on all Maybelline products so I think that I will be popping down to get some more Baby Skin. 
I have got my Mum and Sister on the Baby Skin bandwagon, will you be joining us? Have you tried it and loved it, or hated it, or are you yet to try it out? 

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X

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