Saturday, 5 April 2014



Music, Music, Music. My 'recently added' is currently overflowing with new and exciting songs. Last week was ULTRA Music Festival over in Miami and with a live stream my weekend was sorted. Despite the 4 hour time difference I persevered into the early hours of the morning. 

I thought I would just share what is new in my iTunes. I have got so many songs that I am just loving so much, hopefully I have a future hit or three. They aren't all new releases but amazing all the same. 

 Here we go then, I have linked them all through Youtube in case you want to give them a listen:

I love this song for relaxing, and as my alarm to wake me up gently. I love Above and Beyond and this is a beautiful acoustic version of my favourite A&B song. 

This is just makes me feel summery and I love that. 

I must admit that I find Justin very attractive in the video for this, I think it may be his dancing, I don't know. I like the beat on this, and Chance The Rappers verse. 

Perfect gym song! The bpm is perfect for running and it just makes you want to push that little but further or run a little but faster, definitely motivational.   

Gym standard music or just for dancing around in your room, either way. 

Honestly makes me so happy listening to this, summer tune, I just imagine myself lounging in the sun, in the meadows (Edinburgh people will know) drinking cider with my friends, no cares in the world. 

If this doesn't make you want to shake your booty or release your inner stripper moves, I don't know what will! Queen B! 

This has a jist of Gatsby, 40s style, very catchy with an interesting video. I think this may be one we hear a lot in the coming weeks.  

Super cute, I do love some cheesy boyband stuff. 

THIS! I love this song so much and I can see this being a major hit this summer, even if it's not, I will still have it on repeat! 

So that is a snippet of my new music collection. I hope you enjoy some of these as much as I do. What you are listening to right now? Any future Summer song predictions? 

Peace and Love,
Sophie. X

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