Monday, 31 March 2014

Monochrome, Pastels, Hologram & Jewels


SHOPPING TIME! I really shouldn't have but I did. I was in town for a meeting on Friday morning so once that was finished I thought I'd take a trip to Primark. I haven't been for a while so I thought I'd see what they had to offer. 

The Primark in Edinburgh is pretty huge and full of everything you could ever need, clothes, shoes, beauty, home-ware and accessories galore. I just thought I would share with you what I got on my Friday 'haul' as it's known in the blogosphere, so let's get started.

First up is 2 blouses I picked up. I own too many t-shirts and casual tops so I am trying to build up a smarter, more classy collection. These are both fitting in with my new monochrome wardrobe. 

Striped Blouse £8

Short Sleeved Blouse £10

Up next is something I wouldn't usually post online, but every girl needs one, and Primark is where I go for the majority of mine. I'm talking about bras! I feel I should let the world know how good their lingerie is, it's cheap but still good quality and comes in every style, colour and variety your heart could desire.
 I particularly like these ones however as they look exactly like the Victoria's Secret bras but for a 10th of the price and this makes me super happy. Who does feel good when they've got great lingerie on? I have worn the pink and grey lace one (right now actually) and I can say with no hesitation that it is so comfortable and an amazing fit, I still can't believe the price, £5 and it came with matching undies! 


Gorgeous Gold Lace Detail
Set £5 

So now onto the accessories. I love, love, love necklaces and all kinds of jewelry, it just takes a simple outfit to the next level. I don't go a day without some form of neck adornment. Primark is genuinely my favourite place for jewels, I wouldn't even think of looking anywhere else. I have noted that it sells the exact same styles and pieces as Topshop for a fraction of the cost, and  it's not as if Topshop jewelry is of superior quality. I just can't justify paying £30 for a necklace that is likely to break, tarnish and loose it's sparkle. 

I hadn't planned to but this much but I was like a kid in a candy store, I wanted it all. 

A gold chain, you can never have to many in my opinion. I have one like this from River Island with bigger links so when I saw this I had to get it, for those days when I want to be more subtle 

Primark, £3 

This is a really nice, more girly necklace, It is a mix of silver, pink, and white chain with a pale blue suede lace wrapped around. 

I thought it would be cute for when I'm feeling a bit more girly and fits well with 'pastels' which is all the rage every S/S season. 

Primark £5

I saw these gorgeous bracelets and just had to get them. I used to wear lots of smaller bracelets but I have grown out of my childish ways and prefer a more simple yet statement piece. The first is a gold chain with cream thread and silver sparkles (£2). The other is the same but with thread that goes from pale mint, to pink, to lilac and then cream, it is pretty pastel tones, perfect for this season (£3).

You may have seen this in my OOTD a few posts back. It is my favourite necklace right now. Some of the smaller gems have fallen out and the silver sparkles are not looking so shiny so I had to get another one before they stopped selling them. (Primark £5)

Last up is my best find in ages, I am so chuffed and smitten with it. I had gathered all of my items at Primark when I randomly just walked around the bag department, not really looking for anything when I came across this BEAUT of a clutch! I am so picky when it comes to bags and shoes, but this was love at first site. I am in awe of holographic things (I am contemplating holographic flatforms). I was so thrilled when I found this. It looks so expensive, I would never have guessed that Primark would produce this gem. They had the same bag in a corally pinky pink patent, but the holograph stole my heart. 

Just take in the beauty of this bag. It could be yours for a mere £8!!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I picked up on my haul. Are you lusting over this clutch as much as I am? What are you favorite things to get from Primark, clothes, shoes, jewelry?

Peace and Love,
Sophie. X

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