Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites & Reviews

Hello everybody,

I find it so hard to go to boots and only buy what I went in for. I needed foundation, I came out with said foundation as well as lots of other little beauty treats that are so unnecessary. I just love buying new products (that usually I don't need)!
I thought I would do a round up of some of the products that I have come across this month and do a little review. Would I buy again or not? So here we go...
Temple Spa, Peace Be Still Balm

Not a fan

First up is a Face and Body Balm by Temple Spa. It is just a mini, travel/tester size tube that I got when I stayed at Crieff Hydro for my friends' 21st birthday. We went to the Victorian Spa, when you get your towel you also receive a mini goodie bag and a piece of fruit (rather random). The goodie bag contained a nail file as well as a lip creme, shampoo and this balm by Temple Spa.

I wouldn't usually bother to use the sample sizes, just leave them in the bathroom for another time, but I did try this one and I'm so glad that I did. It has become a big part of my face cleansing routine, but I am very sad that it is almost finished! As it is a balm and not a moisturiser it doesn't make my skin greasy or oily which is usually the major issue I have with facially creams.It smells, well I can't really describe it but very fresh, natural and cleansing, if that's possible?  

I am definitely looking into buying the full size product (£18, 200ml, Temple Spa).

This next product I bought on a whim, and I don't think this is one that I will be buying again. It is the Garnier Ultimate Body Oil (Boots, £7.49), I bought it on an introductory deal otherwise I would not have paid almost £8 for it. It 'claims' that it is "weightless" and "non-transfer", nah uh, I don't think so! I found that it was very oily, yes I know it is an oil, but it was very greasy and I feel it didn't absorb very well and stayed on the surface of my skin.
 It does have a nice aroma due to the natural argan, macadamia, almond and rose oils. I also hold the same view as the majority of the product reviews on the Boots website for this oil; and the issue is the shape of the bottle. The shape makes it hard to hold and spray especially once you have done one side and your hands are a bit slippery. I also found that the bottle got a bit oily and the gold label started to flake so I ended up with little gold flecks on my arms and legs from rubbing it in after holding the bottle. 

Would I buy again? No thank you, not a nice product to use and not worth the money.

I bought this foundation because I wanted one in a darker shade for when I go out smothered in fake tan and bronzer. There is nothing worse than a bronzed goddess with a white face.

I had never seen this one before so I thought I'd try it out. It is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation. It is a liquid mousse, so it is very light and smooth. I apply it after my Maybelline Baby Skin primer, using my Real Techniques 'Expert Face Brush, then finish by setting it with a thin layer of powder. You only need a small amount of this product as it goes a long way. I think that it gives very good coverage while still looking quite natural. It is buildable so it is easy to add more layers for a more made up look, especially for a long night of dancing. I would definitely buy this foundation again. Thumbs up!  

Last up is a perfume that I got for my birthday at the end of January. It is Suddenly Madame Glamour from, wait for it, wait for it.....Lidl! Yes that super cheap supermarket that is great for fruit and vegetables and foreign products. It is a bargain basement dupe of the Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle. I have never owned the Chanel perfume but I have smelt it and loved it. I find it super hard to justify the price of perfumes these days. It has become tradition for me to get my Juicy Couture perfume for christmas, but other than that I don't buy perfume, it's not really factored into the student budget. 

This perfume can be described as having citrus, floral, bergamot and jasmine notes to it. It has been professionally blind tested against the Chanel counterpart and has come tops, women saying they preferred the cheap as chips alternative. I can happily say that I love this perfume and at only £3.99/50ml I can totally justify buying it again, which I will be doing.        

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any moisturisers that are worth a try? What are your thoughts on supermarket/highstreet perfumes, yay or nay? 

Peace and Love,

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