Saturday, 22 March 2014

Let's Go To The Beach-each, Let's Go Get Away


It doesn't feel right writing this post, it's pouring down with rain and I've just gotten soaked walking from the bus stop to the flat after uni. 

I find it hard to believe that just a few days ago I was eating ice cream on the beach, frolicking in the waves and watching the sun set over the coast. However I shall share this adventure with you anyway (mainly so I can reminisce on how much fun I had). 

Once upon a time, it was very sunny in Edinburgh, it felt like summer was in the air, people were smiling and birds were singing. After a few rather average hours at uni, we did not imagine what we would soon be doing. There was Jack, Khalid, Hannah and myself. As expected, we pilled into the car and we were off to Tesco before being dropped off at our flats. After raiding Tesco for sandwiches, juice, sushi, bananas and butternut squash (Jack!) we headed back to the car where plans started to fly. It was such a lovely day so we all thought we better make the most of it rather than sitting inside. 

We went from going on a walk, to 'shooting some hoops', climbing Arthur's Seat or going to Deep Sea World. Then came the winner a day trip to North Berwick! 

So we were on our way. North Berwick is not too far from Edinburgh, it took less than an hour. We parked up before we reached Berwick and went for a stroll and Jack was determined to go crabbing (no crabs to be found).

Pit stop en route

In the car Hannah was telling us that top of the list of things to do in North Berwick was to visit the public toilets. I know this may sound weird but all over their walls are awards for cleanliness and standard of facilities. I, of course, had to pay them a visit and they were the best public toilets I've had the pleasure of using. 

We explored the quaint little streets and browsed the charity shops; and noticed the high volume of dance music CDs on sale!? North Berwick appears to be the Scottish Ibiza.
Next on any visit to the sea was ice cream, cones in hand we headed for the beach. Sun shining down warming my face, ice cream, sand in between my toes and the soft roar of the waves...BLISS! 

Group Picture
It was as if we were children again, having races along the beach, doing handstands and paddling in the sea, which was freezing, just a little reminder that we were still in Scotland in March. After a while it was time to discover a new area. We then went to what I can only describe as a swimming pool, outdoors, full of sea water. I think it's so you can swim safely rather than in the great, vast sea. It was lovely, the water was so still. Hannah and I walked around the edge of the pool to the other side while the boys got all artsy with their photography. 

I LOVE this photo, all credit to Jack! 
This is so perfect because of the completely unsettled water, mirror image 
As it got a bit colder and the sun was starting to go down we skipped along to the harbor, where the boats were moored to get a better view of the setting sun. It was so peaceful and calming gazing out to sea and admiring the fiery sun descending before us. We must have sat there for a good hour and a half and perhaps pretended we were on the Titanic. 

Don't let go Jack! 

Boats and Hoes 

It was getting late so we made one last pit stop, the chippy, then sat on the wall by the car to eat and get our final glimpse of the coast. Then it was time to hit the road and get back to the hustle and bustle of city center life. 

A lovely day was had by all, it was a great way to momentarily forget about the stress of work and looming deadlines. Sorry for the overload of pictures, North Berwick was just too picturesque and they all turned out so nicely with the rare Scottish sun. 

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X 

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