Friday, 28 March 2014


Hey there!

Started from the bottom now we here! Trophies, and they don't have no awards for that! I guess that's just the motion! Just hold on we're going home! I'll take care of you!

That's just a quick introduction and some lyrics for you to get you in the mood for this post. My birthday present from the girls was tickets to see Drake. Now I had been pestering everyone to get tickets for ages but no one was very keen, so I got them so I was over the moon. 

I am a great fan of rnb/hip-hop/rap, not very 'little, white girl' music. I have a weird obsession with Drake, at one point I used to listen to him as I went to sleep, this went on for months. He is one of those artist that I feel you can listen to over and over again and his songs never get old, I say this however I may have over-played 'Hold On We're Going Home' both the original and Pia Mia's cover (major girl crush!!!). 

On the 15th March I finally got to see him at the new SSE Hydro in Glasgow. This was my first time at the Hydro and being an events students I had heard lots about it. As we approached it in the taxi it looked amazing all lit up in blue, resembling a huge spaceship. Inside the arena was HUGE. I had standing tickets and just that space alone was vast. I would hate to have been in the seated areas at the back, they honestly looked about a mile from the stage, all of the seating was so far away from the stage. I like to be right in there with all the action at concerts so I vote standing every time!

The Weeknd was the support act, this was another reason I wanted to go to the concert, I love The Weeknd. He is not that well known here in Britain but he is with me. Wicked Games (<--YT link) would have to be a favourite song of mine. Definitely 'youtube' (VEVO link) him if you don't already know about him, well worth a listen. 


Then it was time for the real show to begin. All hail Aubrey Drake Graham, that's his full name. I had an amazing time and he performed all of my favourite songs, the motto, come thru, the motion etc. If you love Drake then definitely go and see him perform if you get a chance. 

The Hydro is a great venue but the only thing I didn't like was the price of drinks at the bar; 4 double vodka, lemonade and lime was £30. Soft drinks were also £2! If you have just paid £90 for your tickets, travel to Glasgow and to the venue, the ridiculous price of drinks makes for an expensive outing. I know it's because it's the only place to get drinks on site so people are willing/forced to pay it.  That would be my only negative.

Drake you were INSANE!

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